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Online Therapists: Expanding Beyond the Screen

Your professional 'How To Walk and Talk' guide

Are you an online-therapist looking to get more clients -without any additional costs?

Consider offering effective walk and talk therapy sessions.

Imagine being able to offer your clients a unique and refreshing experience that sets you apart from other online therapists, while also improving your own mental and physical well-being.

Integrating the offering of Walk and Talks is a great way to connect with your clients on a deeper level, but it’s also a healthy way for you to get away from the screen and enjoy the benefits of nature..

Uncomplicated and direct. This guide is based on the acclaimed Nature Sense Training. It gives you an effective way to attract more clients, improve your quality of life and increase your income.


"I was sceptical at first ..."

David Kilrye

.. but after reading this guide, I was quite excited by the potential of walk and talk therapy sessions for my practice. I wasn't able to attend the In Real life course, so I thought why not get the book. It didn't disappoint. Essentiallly the content addressed my concerns and provided me with useful insights that actually did give me confidence. I did start and it has added to my revenue stream. The added bonus was that I felt good with my sessions in a very different way to when online. I genuinely do recommend this.

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In this Guide You'll Find

  • Real Practical learnings and case studies from years of onsite experience; taking you through what you need for a Walk and Talk addition to your practice.
  • The Nature Sense Risk Assessment template, accepted by insurance companies
  • Clear explainations how a therapist can balance their virtual and physical space to everyone's benefit.
  • A way to open up the potential to differentiate your practice from others: Attracting more clients earning more income.
  • NO AI - just real related experience ☺️

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